Renovations with Resident Relocations

• Customize a Relocation Plan to phase construction work
• Conduct one-on-one relocation counseling and advising required by HUD-URA
• Coordinate resident relocation on an as-needed basis.
• Utilize licensed and bonded moving professionals who provide the full range of moving services at discounted rates.
• Provide on-site supervision to ensure that your
residents' moves are accomplished with the least amount of inconvenience possible.
• Oversee the payment process for amounts required by HUD-URA for resident relocation to ensure compliance.

Renovations with Residents in Place

• Conduct your Town Hall meetings to meet the notification requirements of the funding agencies.
• Setup of hospitality suites where residents can stay while work is being done in their unit during the day.
• Handle all resident complaints for items allegedly damaged by contractors and coordinate payment of claims at the end of renovations. This typically results in substantial savings by reducing fraudulent claims and negotiating reasonable payment on legitimate ones.

Resident Support Managers

One of our Resident Support Managers will be assigned to your renovation project, thereby relieving your on-site construction crew of the burden of dealing directly with residents' concerns. This allows them to focus on the construction process.

A team of paralegals and insurance professionals that ensure the following:

• Resident notice and counseling requirements are properly met to comply with regulations.
• Resident concerns are received and managed in a timely and appropriate manner.
• Claims for items that may be damaged during the course of renovation are amicably and fairly settled.